How to Teach Your Children About Money

How to Teach Your Children About Money Financial literacy is one of the most important things in life. Unfortunately, schools don’t make it a priority to teach children about money. This means it's up to you as a parent or guardian to teach your children these

Five Things that can Potentially Damage your Credit Score

Your credit score is an essential part of life but something that you may not know or even think about. In simple terms, it is a rating given to you based on various factors around your personal finances and is used when you apply for any type of credit, like credit

Save Emergency Money for the Future

No matter how organised you are or how good you are at planning your finances, one thing's for sure, unplanned expenses will arise at some point in the future. It is, therefore, a good idea to put aside a little money each month to build up an emergency fund to pay for

Keeping Track of What You Owe

Debt management: how to keep track of what you owe When you take out any sort of loan - even something as simple as borrowing money from family - it's important to keep track of what you owe, who you owe, and when you need to make repayments. The obvious advantage to

Declutter your home

Home Organisation Tips 'Tidy house, tidy mind'... it's a common saying, but there are actually many more advantages to organising your home than simply clarity. In fact, by taking just a few moments each day to declutter and get rid of unnecessary or unwanted items, you

Top ways to Save Money on Food

When it comes to the cost of living, one of the most expensive necessities is the price of food. Changing trade laws and the rise of niche food products are all boosting the prices of a weekly grocery shop, and many families are struggling to keep down the costs.

Do you give your Children Pocket Money?

According to a study released by Halifax, parents typically give their children £7.04 per week in pocket money (Girls average £7.09 a week while the boys average amount has dropped by 14p since last year to £6.91.) . Many parents do this to teach their children

Make your Weekly Grocery Shop a Bargain

How to make your weekly grocery shop a bargain Groceries, especially boring ones like toilet paper and washing up liquid, can be something we resent having to spend money on. So you've taken out a debt consolidation loan but you're looking to streamline your weekly

Popular Budget Tracking Apps

Popular Budget Tracking Apps in 2019 If you wish to change your spending habits and save more, it is important to track your budget. Gone are the days when people had to rely on traditional methods such as a pen and notebook or envelopes to track their expenditure. In

Top 3 Websites you should Bookmark

Top 3 websites you should Bookmark People love bargains so much that they often end up buying things they don’t really need. Sometimes you may be replacing an item that you always lose, or you're looking for an upgrade. However, there’s no point in paying the full