Personal Loans

  • Why Choose Simple Personal Loans?

    Why Choose Simple Personal Loans? But why choose Simple Personal Loans? What makes us unique is our easy, efficient and professional process. Here’s why you can trust in us to get you that loan… About Simple Personal Loans Choosing Simple Personal Loans gives you such flexibility when it comes to finding your next loan, whether it be for a car, a boat, debt consolidation or a holiday, we will ...

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Unsecured Loans

  • Are your loans Unsecured?

    All of the loans we can find for you are either personal unsecured loans or guarantor loans. Both of these are unsecured as you do not need to provide an asset to secure the loan against...

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Guarantor Loans

  • Do Simple Personal Loans offer guarantor loans?

    The simple answer is yes, Simple Personal Loans offers a variety of different types of loans such as Personal Loans, Bad Credit Loans, Unsecured Loans and of course Guarantor Loans. Details of our Guarantor loans can be found here...

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Bad Credit Loans

  • What if i have bad credit?

    Just because the banks and building societies don't want to lend to many ordinary people, we have access to a huge panel of lenders that are setup to cater for all kinds of credit ratings. Many alternative lenders only operate online and can be found through credit brokers like Simple Personal Loans...

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  • Are you regulated by the FCA?

    We are glad you asked...... Yes, Simple Personal Loans and it's parent and direct lender company are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority a.k.a. FCA. Our Full Permission FCA number is 736632. This means that everything we do is monitored and regulated to ensure we serve you in a responsible and ethical manner when it comes to lending or brokering to find you a great ...

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Other Questions

  • Are we a Direct Lender?

    Looking for a Direct Loan Lender? Simple Personal Loans are a Broker not a direct lender but because we work with a large panel of lenders and other financial services providers, we feel that we can offer you a better lending experience. Although you will see many Personal Loan companies offering you personal, unsecured, guarantor and car loans directly with them, and they'll tell you how easy and...

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  • Do we charge an upfront fee?

    We never charge you a fee for finding a loan, not upfront or at any time. We do receive commission from lenders for passing your details to them but this doesn't cost you anything. Beware anyone calling on the 'phone claiming to be Simple Personal Loans and asking for a fee, it won't be us...

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  • Do you do affordability checks?

    Because Simple Personal Loans are a broker, we gather the information from you for our lenders to perform the affordability checks. Each lender will have their own rules and some may take certain situations into account if you have special circumstances. If you fill our form in accurately, the lenders will be in touch...

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  • How can I improve my credit score?

    There are a lot of articles and opinions to the question "How can I improve my credit score", this is our common sense approach, although some of this information may seem obvious, it is still relevant. To improve your credit score you need to..... Pay back what you have borrowed, on-time and in full. Lenders look at your credit score/report and see how you control your finances, they can see ...

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  • How do I make a complaint?

    If you want to complain about your loan, you should contact your lender directly. Information on how to do this will be in your loan agreement. If you're unhappy with the service Simple Personal Loans provides, the details are in our Terms and Conditions...

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  • How long will it take to receive my loan?

    It varies how long it takes to receive you loan. In the best case it may be within an hour of applying as some lenders are online only and everything is automated. Some lenders will want to do manual ID checks and this will normally be during office hours. In those cases your loan could take around 48 hours...

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  • How much can I borrow?

    Simple Personal Loans work with some of the UKs leading lenders and can offer access to a range of loans from £1,500 to £25,000. If you're looking for a smaller loan, try LoanPig...

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  • What if I get into difficulties with my loan repayments?

    Because Simple Personal Loans is a broker, we won't actually know who gave you a loan. All of the details will be on your loan document, give them a ring and they'll be happy to talk through your issues and come up with a plan...

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  • What is a debt management plan?

    A Debt Management Plan is one kind of debt solution that helps you repay your debts at a slower rate to help you get back on your feet. Although some are run by charities, almost all cost fees meaning you could be repaying faster by talking to your lender...

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  • When will my repayments start?

    All of the details of your loan will be shown to you before you sign. In general, the first repayment will be one month after you agree the loan. Some lenders might want to tie this in with your payday, even if that pushes the repayment a little later...

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  • Will applying for a loan impact my credit score?

    When you apply for a loan, most lenders will want to perform a credit check to ensure you can afford the repayments. Although that does appear on your credit file, we don't believe it has too much impact to a modern lender. You should limit it if you can but it's not the end of the world to have a number of searches recorded...

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  • Will the APR % rate be better if I have good credit?

    The answer isn't simple, there is definitely a link but often there is more to it. If a lender wants to attract customers matching a certain criteria, they might offer a lower APR. The APR also changes based on the amount you borrow and the duration. A medium amount over a long time may have a low APR even with bad credit. A small amount over a short time will probably have a high APR...

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  • Will you contact my employer?

    Simple Personal Loans are a credit broker so we'll never contact your employer directly about your loan. Your lender might need to get in touch with you, if that's difficult they may ring your employer. Importantly, the lender needs to get your permission to ring you at work so if you don't want them to they can't...

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