Back to School Money Saving Tips 

teachers desk with apple and building blocks


With the recent announcement that primary schools are due to reopen on June 1st for many parents it’s time to look at your childs school uniform and supplies – making sure they’re kitted out in time. With many people either furloughed or struggling in other ways financially – here are 3 back to school money saving tips for you and your little ones. 

  1. Budget – Children will insist on having the best of everything (especially as they get older) branded clothes, shoes and other products can set you back a lot more than the unbranded version. By setting upper limits and teaching your children the value of money, you are not only saving your own pocket but educating them about the realities of the ‘real’ world and money management.
  1. Check your own home – You may already have plenty of school supplies lying around, you just need to find them. By searching your cupboards and drawers for existing stationery and others supplies you can save on buying new items. Make a list of what you already own so when you head to the shops you don’t duplicate buying items. Going through your children’s wardrobes and remove any clothes, coats and shoes they have outgrown will help you get a better picture on what you need to buy for their return school. 
  1. Packed lunches – Save money throughout the school year by making your child a packed lunch rather than buying a school dinner. Making your children’s packed lunches is a great way of introducing new (nutritional) foods – including plenty of fruit. Not only are you keeping costs down, you’re also keeping an eye on what they’re actually eating. 


Most importantly, remember, this is only for a few weeks. If you can ‘make do’ then try to. If primary school children do go back to school on the 1st of June it will only be until July, then they’ll be off over the Summer! Something to look forward to?