How Spending Less Money Makes You Happier (Part I)

Does spending less money make you happier?

Our lives are consumed by a constant sense of worth through material items. Do you have the latest TV technology? Do you drive a brand new car?We are led by our money. We feel that we need money, to buy these material items, in the hope that it will lead us to happiness. I can tell you now, you are wrong. You don’t need money to be happy and spending less will actually relieve you from the stress. Here are 5 amazing things you will gain from spending less.

1. You’ll have a reduced-stress retirement

Are you in your work pension? Do you ever worry about what you are paying in won’t be enough? Do you worry your current spendings will mean a low-budget retirement? But spending less will ease that stress. Remember retirement is about taking it easy, not about appearing wealthy. You have done your years of working hard and saving (for that TV, that car, that house). Now is the time to unwind and to spend time with family and friends. Your stressful days are done.

2. You’ll be free to do what you love

Do you ever feel that there is not enough time for your hobbies? Freeing yourself from money worries will open the door to new possibilities. Stop spending your time thinking of things that you need. You don’t need new surround sound, or to replace those salt and pepper mills (because they don’t match the rest of the kitchen). Free yourself from those worries and spend the time doing the things you love. Spend that time on whatever you love. Whatever it may be, the options are in your hands.

3. You’ll be free to prepare for emergencies

Disaster strikes and with it your bank balance drops drastically. And those car repairs or vet bills cannot wait for a more convenient time. As a result, your overdraft, credit card and future bills are left in a confusing and catastrophic state. Spending less means that you have the opportunity to put away savings. That way, when disaster strikes, you won’t be left penniless. You feel at ease knowing that you have those savings set aside should you need it.

4. You’ll have less clutter

Do you ever look around your room and think, why did I buy that? Or perhaps you have glanced at the endless items you have in storage and wondered why you bought it. If you are spending less, that clutter won’t accumulate. Imagine the relief from having only the items you need, not a mountain of junk. This can be very stress-relieving as you will have less time needed for de-cluttering.

5. You’ll be free of debt

Wouldn’t you feel better if there were no debts to worry about? Of course, you would. Freeing yourself from constant spending will make it easy to become debt-free. Focus less on the ‘wants’ in life, which snatch away your money. Choose to cease spending and use your money on things you need. You won’t be frequently worrying about how you are going to pay it back. Another benefit of this is your credit score will not be affected.

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