No phone calls

With our advanced platform matching your details to a dedicated panel of leading UK lenders, your loan application can be completed entirely online. If you have specific queries relating to your final application, we can put you in touch with your lender.


Fast payment

After you successfully complete your online application for a Simple Personal Loan, the money will be with you as soon as possible. With some of our lenders, this could be the same day if the application is completed before a certain time or next day if completed in the evening.


Safety First

We don't store any of your details online so there is no chance of your information being stolen. Our lenders all run equally secure platforms and put your online safety first. Our site is encrypted (look for the padlock symbol in your browser top bar!) so any information we transfer to the lenders is safe too.


High Acceptance Rates

With our great panel of lenders waiting for your application and already catering for a wide variety of financial circumstances, we're positive we can find the right personal loan you're looking for.


Money within 24 hours

Our lenders often pay the same day if the application is early enough and your bank account accepts faster payments. Sometimes it might be the next working day and if you bank account doesn't support faster payments.



We pride ourselves on the accurate information on our site and all steps of the application should be clear and accurate and whether you receive a quote from our panel of lenders, it will be clear and helpful.