Parenting Hacks For The Easter Holidays

Parenting Hacks For The Easter Holidays

After endless weeks at school, during the Easter holidays, kids just want to have fun. Whether they are 5 or 15, there are always ideas out there to occupy the kids whilst they are off school. With Easter being right around the corner we have put together 5 fabulous things you can do during the holidays to ensure you stay away from the feeling of boredom. Keep reading to learn more about the parenting hacks for the Easter holidays.

Easter Egg Basket - Parenting Hacks for an easter break

1. Easter Egg Hunts

The most common activity that kids like to do during this time of year is participating in an Easter egg hunt. After all, it wouldn’t feel like Easter without one! Whether you decide to hide Easter-themed objects, eggs or even just some clues for a prize it is up to you. But, the kids never seem to get to old for this, especially when there are chocolate eggs involved.

Painted Easter Eggs

2. Painting Eggs

Another one of the best parenting hacks for the Easter holidays is painting eggs and creating an Easter-themed collection. Thankfully, you don’t need to go out and splash the cash on acrylic paints for this occasion. There are plenty of other ways to do it, but if you have acrylic paint to hand, feel free to use that. One of our favourite ways is to mix 1tbsp of white vinegar and drops food colouring. You don’t need too many drops of food colouring, but be aware that the more you put in the darker your paint will become.

easter themed snack Parenting Hacks For The Easter Holidays

3. Easter Themed Snacks

Making delicious snacks at this time of year gives you an extra excuse to follow even more fun themed recipes. There are plenty of ideas all over the internet which allow you to become as creative as you want to be. From colourful decorations, all the way to chocolate-filled, coated and decorated cakes. Or even if getting creative isn’t your type of thing, you can easily pick up a ready-mix cake box from the supermarkets to help you out and give you that extra boost.

colourful eggs - painted

4. Paint Filled Eggs

The idea behind this activity is to fill an egg with paint and throw it at a blank canvas. Yes, it will get messy so you need to be prepared for whatever will come from it, especially if your kids do not have a good aim. When the eggs hit the canvas they will explode and create a colourful display on the canvas.

watering plants / gardening

5. Stay Active

Despite not being what you would think is a fun activity during Easter, staying active is important. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should go on a run every day or even to the gym, it means you shouldn’t be sat in front of the TV or on your phone all day. There are plenty of ways you can make staying active fun. Whether it is watering the plants in your garden to playing a game or even just walking around.

Here at Simple Personal Loans, we believe that keeping active, fit and entertained is the best thing for kids during the school holidays. To find more holiday tips click here.