How To Get Some Extra Cash Quickly

How To Get Some Extra Cash Quickly

Getting extra cash quickly can be a really difficult task if you don’t know where to start. We have put together a list of the most convenient jobs which pay over minimum wage to help you get back on track with your finances or even just get a little bit of an extra income in your spare time.

Sell your unwanted items

Selling your unwanted items is a perfect way to get some extra cash quickly, even if you feel like no one will buy your things, there is always somebody out there who will be interested. According to WeightWatchers, the average person has £200 worth of clothes that are unworn and unused in their wardrobes. Things that you don’t use are the perfect items to sell, even if they are not worth much.

eBay is a great website where you can buy and sell your unwanted items. It began as an online site where you . could put your items up for auction, meaning that the highest bidder would win the item. But now, as the years have flown by since it began, it has upgraded to a site where you are able to list your items for a fixed price too.

Depop is a popular app which is used on mobile devices to sell your items. This app is an easy alternative to other buying and selling apps as it allows the buyers to easily categorize their search so it shows specific items e.g. like colour, size, brand and more. Depop doesn’t offer an auction aspect to it, but it does allow it’s users to message each other through the click of one button.

Facebook Market Place is another way you can sell your unwanted items for extra cash. The bonus of this platform is that everyone who is looking at your items will live nearby, this means that the items can be picked up from your front door, saving the cost of postage.

a man driving an expensive car after spending cash quickly

Amazon delivery Driver

Becoming an Amazon Delivery Driver is one of the most convenient jobs which you could find due to its high pay and flexible hours. Are you 18 and hold a valid full UK driving licence and a vehicle? This job could be the perfect one for you.

The Amazon Flex delivery scheme allows you to book in your scheduled block during their working hours. When working for Amazon Flex, you go to your local pick up the centre and fill your car with the packages that you have been assigned to deliver.

Drivers usually get a wage between £12 – £15 from Amazon but can also earn tips from their customers.

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Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopping is a great way to get some extra cash whilst living your usual everyday life. It could even add some luxuries like a free meal or a free hotel or even free stays at hotels. It is a fun way to get a small income whilst enjoying what you’re doing.

Think of mystery shoppers as customers who are sent in to observe, interact, and report employees whilst getting paid. According to Indeed, the average hourly wage of a mystery shopper is £12.21. But this figure can range to more or less depending on the job.


If you’re looking for extra cash, you could always apply for a loan of some sort if it is an emergency. However, we do advise only to take out a personal loan for necessities rather than wants.