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Use our quick loan calculator to choose your loan amount. Next, choose how long you want the loan for and an indicative example will show what you might pay.


The application process is easy! Click apply now and enter your personal details, income, expenditure and bank details. Submit the form and we'll find you a loan.


Our lenders will review the information that you have provided. If they can't provide a personal loan, we'll let you know and possibly offer some alternatives.

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Why choose Simple Personal Loans?

If you are struggling to find a bank to offer you the loan you need, Simple Personal Loans can help you to find flexible loans from £1,000 to £35,000. As finance brokers, specialising in personal, guarantor and car finance loans, we can help whatever your requirements. Whether consolidating your debts or securing more funds than your bank will offer, with loans approved online quickly.

With Simple Personal Loans, you can find a range of affordable personal loans online. We offer a range of loans to suit your circumstances and status, from personal loans to guarantor loans to car loans and even unsecured loans whether you have good credit or bad credit.

Do you Have Good Credit?

If you have good credit our panel of lenders could match you to a suitable loan with a lower APR rate, keeping your costs down but if i have good credit i can go to my bank so why would i need to go to Simple Personal Loans? the answer to this is online convenience, our lenders will quickly analyse your information (income, outgoings, affordability checks, previous credit history, etc) and offer you a decision within a few minutes, then once you have completed the application you could have the funds in your account the same day!

What if I have Bad Credit?

If you've asked yourself "what if I have bad credit" our panel of lenders could still match you to a better APR rate than you have been able to finding by searching each individual site and completing numerous application forms. With Simple Personal Loans you fill out one application and we'll send it our lending panel and we'll find you the best possible loan based on your circumstances.

Simply fill in our short application form and let our panel of financial services providers come back to you with a decision, this means you won’t have to wait around and better yet, our simple online form means you'll probably only have to fill out one form to get a great loan deal.


Applying for a loan with Simple Personal Loans give you;

  • Access to great APR rates, subject to status
  • Great APR rates even if you have bad credit
  • Convenience and speed whether you have good credit or a bad credit rating
  • One application form gives you access to a large number of financial service providers in one hit
  • Flexibility on loan type. i.e. Guarantor, Unsecured, Personal, Car Loans.
  • Loans from 1 to 6 years

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