Are these other loans more suited to your circumstances?

If you're eager to start a new adventure, don't let money slow you down. At Simple Personal Loans, we can offer a range of other loans, for example, holidays, weddings, debt consolidation, and more. We could help you secure finance to suit your circumstances.

We'll help you understand the other types of loans, and show you where to find more information about them:

Holiday Loans

Treat yourself to that holiday of a lifetime by spreading the cost with our loans.

> Holiday Loans

cosmetic loans for those who want them

Cosmetic Loans

Worried how you'll afford cosmetic surgery? A personal loan is one option.

> Cosmetic Loans

other loans | guarantor loans for additional help on repayments

Guarantor Loans

If you have bad credit history, you may be considering getting a guarantor loan.

> Guarantor Loans

Car Loans

In need of a personal car loan? Get the car of your dreams for less than you’d think.

> Car Loans

other loans | guarantor loans for additional help on repayments

Wedding Loans

Say "I do" to stress-free wedding budgeting with our easy wedding loans.

> Wedding Loans

other loans | home improvement loans to house renovations

DIY Loans

Looking to upgrade your kitchen or convert your loft? A loan could make that happen.

> Home Improvement Loans

other loans | debt consolidation loans for additional help

Consolidation Loans

If you want to consolidate your current debt, we can find the right loan for you.

> Debt Consolidation Loans

Homeowner Loans

You could use your property to help you borrow money with a homeowner loan.

> Homeowner Loans