Travelling During The Pandemic

Travelling During The Pandemic Plenty of people are now thinking about how much they  want a break from the UK. Being confined to your house for months on end is not the perfect summer for anybody. Despite having some great weather across the UK throughout the past few

Has The Coronavirus And Quarantine Affected The Natural World?

Has The Coronavirus and quarantine affected the natural world? Since the beginning of the coronavirus, the world has experienced some drastic changes. Whether it be from the lack of factories working, cars running or just people exploring in general, there have been

Take Our Personal Finance Quiz

Take Our Personal Finance Quiz! Many people have taken the time to reflect on their finances during lockdown. If you are one of those people we have the perfect personal finance quiz for you to take. Not only will our quiz help understand a little more about your

5 Weird Ways To Make Money

5 Weird Ways To Make Money! There are plenty of weird and wonderful ways out there in which you can make money. Most of them you probably will never have heard of but there are multiple you may even do yourself. Without having a full-time job, there are hundreds of ways

Top 5 Best Man Speech Writing Tips 

Top 5 Best Man Speech Writing Tips  The impact of Coronavirus on our lives has been massive. For anyone who planned on getting married in 2020, the current situation has thrown up a lot of questions and concerns about how their wedding day will be affected by

Retail after Covid-19 – How will the High Street Change? 

Retail after Covid-19 – How will the High Street Change?   The easing of lockdown has begun. As we move into 'phase one' of the Government's easing of the lockdown plan we are allowed to exercise outside for unlimited periods, visit parks and outdoor spaces with one

A Day-To-Day Guide To Spring Cleaning

A Day-To-Day-Guide To Spring Cleaning A day-to-day guide to spring cleaning is something which you are either wanting to use, or wanting to learn about. You might be wondering why spring cleaning is such a widely known occurrence. Along with many other questions like

The Most Frequent Uses of Personal Loans

The Most Frequent Uses of Personal Loans A personal loan is a way to make significant things happen. It can help you take control of your finances and streamline your debt, or finance something big. If you're curious about the most common uses of personal loans, or how

5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Online Fraud

What is Online Fraud? Online Fraud is fraud committed using the internet. It can involve financial fraud and identity theft. Online fraud comes in many forms. It is any kind of deception, scam, or crime that results in the loss of personal data, including the loss of

Understanding APR and How It Works

Understanding APR & How It Works When it comes to credit, understanding APR is really important. If you are interested in taking out a loan, it's vital that you understand what APR means. Lenders and brokers extend credit, so you can pay back purchases, but they don