Do you have Bad Credit?


If you are looking for a loan but you have a credit file that isn’t exactly perfect (well, as perfect as the automated robot thought it was when it compiled it for you!!!), then allow Simple Personal Loans to find you a lender that may look beyond that initial report and investigate your ability to repay the loan based on your present day circumstances.

We can’t guarantee that we will be able to provide you with a loan at an APR rate you thought you could get, but because we deal with a large number of lenders, we are sure we’ll find you a good deal.


It is unfortunate, in some ways, that the consumer credit industry has become very autonomous, and the human element and emotion has been removed to a certain extent, so when you are looking for a loan facility and you have a bad credit score you might not be considered as the computer says no.

However, this automation that refuses you a loan because you have bad credit sometimes works to your advantage and has been developed with your safety in mind.

So what are Bad Credit Loans?


Bad credit loans are, in principle, the same as good credit loans but the interest and repayments you make will be higher, this is because your credit file may show something adverse.

If for whatever reason you have missed a payment on a loan or a gas bill, for example, your credit file will be updated to show this. If you have defaulted on a mobile contract or not paid a credit card, the same will happen. Sometimes, even if you are in dispute with the company that says you owe them money, it can appear on your credit report and stay there for a long time, until you resolve the issue and ask them to take the default off.

Apply now for a Simple Personal Loan and we’ll try and find the right deal for you