Deep Cleaning On A Budget

Deep Cleaning On A Budget

Looking after our homes and personal property can be quite expensive. Cleaning product prices soon add up when you are having to purchase multiple items for different techniques. But, at the same time, nobody wants to live amongst unclean surroundings. Supermarket products can be very overpriced and half the time you can find them cheaper elsewhere. But, where do you even look and how do you know if they are just as good? Thankfully, there are plenty of techniques out there that enable you to keep everything around you clean on a budget.

Make The Most of Things You Have

From items in our fridge to bottles in our cupboards, there are numerous items around our homes that assist household cleaning. Some of which are a lot less common than you may think. Making the most of the things which you already have around your home will enable you to keep the costs down. Even more so, allow you to clean without having to lay a finger on your credit card or a shop door. One of our favourite techniques is using lemon juice. It works extremely well due to its antibacterial elements and non-damaging pH levels. Believe it or not, you could use lemon juice to clean windows, drains, stains and even remove the grease from inside your microwave.

Depending on where you are shopping, you can purchase lemons, vinegar and other surprising cleaning items for an extremely low price. Supermarkets at the cheapest end of the scale sell their lemons for under 30p. Therefore proving that cleaning does not have to be expensive all the time.

Get The Correct Cleaning Products

If swapping products for lemons is not for you, then carry on reading. Getting the correct cleaning products is essential when it comes to cleaning on a budget. If you’re sticking to a price range you need to ensure you are getting the best prices wherever you can. So, we advise you to do your research and window shop around before you make any final decisions. Specific cleaning products can be expensive even in the cheaper shops, therefore, looking around to see where you can find it at its lowest price can be very valuable. For example, carpet cleaner prices can vary from £8 all the way to under £1 if you look in the right places.

Take Advantage of Appliance Guarantees

With cleaning appliances constantly improving and increasing in price, we should definitely be taking advantage of the guarantee policies. Unfortunately, despite purchasing new vacuums or mops, they do not always work as we expect. If a new item breaks or beings to show some kind of fault, why not check if there are any options you can take. Dyson, one of the most used companies offers 5 year or 2-year hassle-free guarantees for its machines depending on the product itself. Therefore, it is always worth checking as this could save you a large sum of money in the future.

Nobody deserves to be living in filthy surroundings but we understand not everyone has the time and money to constantly keep their homes clean. Therefore, why not treat your home to a professional deep clean or improvement once in a while and repay the costs over a number of months. Although this steers away from cleaning on a budget, the monthly repayments allow the cost to be a lot lower than expected. Here at Simple Personal Loans, we can help you with what you need, click here for more information.