How To Keep The Family Entertained On A Budget This Summer

How To Keep The Family Entertained On A Budget This Summer

Keeping the family entertained over the summer can be difficult. After all, if you have children of different ages, they may be interested in different things and have different opinions on certain activities. However, in order to avoid being stuck inside with no plan of action, you should consider a few ideas that may suit your family or family members as individuals before summer hits to ensure you’re well-prepared. One of the biggest factors that come into play is the value of money. Not every family in the UK has a high enough disposable income to pay for fun activities for their whole family throughout the summer. But, nobody wants to waste their time off, so, here are a few ideas that you could consider in order to have a blast on a budget.

Try A Family Film Night  

Cinema trips can be very expensive depending on timings, films, and how many guests there may be. Therefore, finding an alternative that allows you to keep up to date with fun, action-packed films is a great way to occupy the family over the summer. Tickets to watch films outside of your own home are only rising, so why not make use of what you’ve currently got? Whether it be the opportunity to stream through online services like Netflix, or on the TV, finding a film for a fraction of the price will help you stay within budget, whilst having just as much fun. At the moment, cinema tickets range from around £5-£13 depending on the location. Therefore, if you’re visiting as a stereotypical family, the overall price could be up to £40 on the tickets alone. So, perhaps it’s worth weighing up other options and prices which are much lower.

However, if you’re someone who is wanting to attend a cinema but keep the costs down in other ways, you could try taking your own snacks, watching less popular films and booking on specific days which may have some sort of family deals.

Educational Budget-Friendly Trips 

One idea of an entertaining free trip you could try is a visit to a museum. Typically, all museums are free of charge, unless you’re wanting to visit an extra section or see a limited-edition aspect. Usually, museums take a few hours to make your way around and find the exit, taking up a large chunk of your day. Therefore, it allows you to keep the family entertained and busy with a budget-friendly approach.

However, you may find yourself needing to pay for transport depending on your closest location. You’ll tend to find museums in places that have a higher population and tourist numbers. This ensures that the museum is attracting enough customers. For many people, travelling to places like the city may be on the pricier side. So, perhaps consider taking the bus or the train to reach your final destination instead of a taxi. Planning your visit in advance could possibly lower the fare even more.

Playing Games & Puzzles

Playing games and puzzles can be extremely fun, especially if more and more people become involved. However, finding the right time for the whole family to sit down and enjoy the game can be hard. So, why not try planning a set family fun night? If the games you’re playing begin to get a little more boring, you could consider selling or swapping your games online with other local sellers to try something new at no cost.

You don’t have to splash the cash each time you leave the house. Especially if you don’t have the money to spend aimlessly or unconscionably. However, if you find yourself accidentally overspending and chipping into different budgeting categories, why don’t you borrow a personal loan? This way, you can have your summer fun without having to stress about your personal finances constantly. You’ll already know that they are under control and that going over budget a few times won’t be detrimental. To find out more about personal loans, click here.