Our Top Tips When Booking A Holiday

Our Top Tips When Booking A Holiday

With the boredom that lockdown has brought to the UK, you have probably thought about every single possible holiday destination you could visit when the lockdown is lifted. The likelihood that you have planned out your entire trip with activities and accommodation included is high. But, in reality, is the price something you can work with? Lockdown may have brought you a financial gain or a financial drop. Nevermind which way, having control of your finances and great money management is something that you should try to perfect before splurging on something like a holiday. So, we have some great tips on how to save money when booking a holiday.

Calendar  Book On And For A Friday

Typically, most people believe that flying and also booking on a Tuesday will save you more money. This is because the older reports suggest that flight prices are sometimes reduced on a Monday night, meaning that it is easy to get your hands on certain deals on Tuesday mornings. Whereas Skyscanner released a report at the beginning of 2020 announcing that the cheapest day to book your flight, and in fact fly, is a Friday.

Choose The Cheapest Months

The prices of flights and accommodation vary at different times of the year. During the peak periods, the prices will be higher. This mainly includes times like summer and school holidays. The prices rise as more and more people are wanting to jet off during those periods. Whereas, prices are a lot lower after either school holidays or even celebrations like Christmas. Again, Skyscanner also has stated that January, February and September are the cheapest months to fly.  So, if you are flexible with when you can travel, why not book your holiday for one of the cheaper months?

Although, if you are a family with children and you are unable to get the time off school, October half term is one of the cheapest times to travel during the annual school holidays.

booking a holiday - map to location

View Accommodation Locations Before Booking

The last thing you want to do is to a book somewhere which you think is a great deal but it turns out not to be. One mistake which people make is booking accommodation which they think is the best option due to the price. But, when they arrive, they realise they will be spending more money on transport to get to the places they want to be. So, if you are on a limited budget, the main priority is to consider all of the factors before booking.

Indirect Flights

Spending extra time either on a flight or in an airport is not something that we enjoy when travelling. We are sure that you would much rather want to be heading straight to your end destination. But, indirect flights tend to be a much cheaper option which will help you save money when booking a holiday. Although it can be quite inconvenient, it is something that you could still consider if necessary.

package holidays

Use Package Holidays

Package holidays are trips which include the flights and accommodation booked together in one. You can find different package holiday deals all over the internet, meaning there are probably hundreds for your desired destination. Depending on the month you are wanting to depart on your journey and where you are warning to go, will differ the price of the package. Typically package holidays are sold as those which are easy and cheaper.

But, you should be aware of the downsides which package holidays can bring too. This may include high prices and lower deals. Therefore before you book, you should always search around to ensure you are making the right decision.