Black Friday: How to Save Money

3 Ways to Save Money on Black Friday

Can you believe Black Friday is almost upon us? Even though Black Friday can be tiring and chaotic, we all can’t resist a good sale. But, this year, why not try to save even more time and money?

How to Save Money – and Time

We’ve got some good news for you. There are some great ways to save money on Black Friday. All of them involve not doing something, which can be easier than taking action.

Here are three ideas on how to enjoy some real savings on Black Friday.

1. Start Shopping Online

Does anyone want to be out shopping in the chaos on Black Friday? We think not. Instead of going out shopping on Black Friday, go online and shop from the comfort of your couch. Setting aside both the stress of shopping, this can be an easier way to find things that you want instead of just picking anything thing with a slashed price tag.

There simply isn’t a need to go out and try and fight for that deal on Black Friday. Instead, start Christmas shopping earlier and you could find the same deals throughout the year.

2. Buy What You Need

As you’re perusing the shelves for the perfect gift(s) for your friends and family, it can (and will) be very tempting to get just one more thing. After all, what’s the harm in going a little over on your spending if you can find something that is an incredible deal?

Here’s the harm: If you have 10 people on your list and you were to spend an extra £5 on each of them, that’s £50 extra. It may not sound like much to some of you, but imagine being a single parent trying to get a few gifts for your kids and being tempted by that one extra deal. It all adds up!

3. Don’t Waste Your Time

Have you heard the saying “time is money?” Yet, on Black Friday, we all tend to wait in line for a long time to either get into the store right when it opens or to wait for something advertised as a “great deal”.

Value your time more than the deal. If you’re set on going out shopping, there are some other ways you can shop for deals. You can:

  • Shop online. Look at their Black Friday deals by shopping from your couch and not wasting your time in line.
  • Go later in the day. Save yourself some time and stress and shop throughout the entire weekend or whilst everyone else is in bed.
  • Don’t wait in line if it isn’t worth it. If you do decide to go out shopping, don’t be afraid to decide to wait in line isn’t worth it. There’s no shame in valuing your time.


We hope that you’ve taken on board our saving tips. As we know that without a doubt, they will save you a lot of time. And hopefully, with a lot of good decision making, it’ll save you some money too.

Do you participate in the Black Friday Bonanza?