Top 3 Websites you should Bookmark

Top 3 websites you should Bookmark

People love bargains so much that they often end up buying things they don’t really need. Sometimes you may be replacing an item that you always lose, or you’re looking for an upgrade. However, there’s no point in paying the full price when there are so many tools online to help you find the best deals.

eBay is a great site to start your search for discounted items, but there are a couple of websites that go the extra mile to compare prices from different online shops.

Here are three of the top sites that every online shopper should bookmark for finding great deals.


Hotukdeals is a UK based deal website that presents discounts of all shapes and sizes. The beauty of this site is that it comes complete with a social proof system. Most of the deals shown are crowdsourced, and the community is very good at sniffing out biased deals uploaded by employees.

Hotukdeals is also user-friendly. It has an easy to follow layout that shows potential savings with images and detailed descriptions. When you click on the product, the system takes you to a different page with a lot of information backed up with links and additional proof from members.


Latestdeals is another white label bargain site that helps users find popular deals. They have a search function that comes in handy when looking for a particular product, but there are plenty of options on their landing page.

This deal site has a whole section dedicated to vouchers and discount codes, so you might want to start all your online shopping sprees here. They also throw in a few freebies which are usually beauty products. All they need is your email, name, address, and date of birth. But remember to set up a dedicated email for this.


While Groupon is a good site to find hot deals, it takes a different approach from other bargain sites. They list discounts and coupons for restaurants, fitness, travel, health etc. And every business has to pay a percentage of their proceeds to Groupon. So it’s an advertising channel for small and medium enterprises and a deal site for the rest of us.

Found a Bargain but Short on cash?

You might find a great deal when you’re flat broke. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take advantage of that bargain before it expires. And that’s where personal loans come in, whether you have got good or bad credit, if you can afford it you should be able to get the bargain you want.

The only thing to look out for when choosing this type of loan is the interest, whether it is a large or small purchase be sure that the bargain is worth the interest you are going to pay on the loan repayment.