Make your Weekly Grocery Shop a Bargain

How to make your weekly grocery shop a bargain

Groceries, especially boring ones like toilet paper and washing up liquid, can be something we resent having to spend money on. So you’ve taken out a debt consolidation loan but you’re looking to streamline your weekly supermarket bills to make your loan stretch further, here are a few tried and tested tips:

1. Buy in season

Always try to buy fruit and veg which is in season: not only will it be cheaper, but it will be tastier and fresher. So in the warmer months, embrace berries, tomatoes and lettuces and while you’re in the depths of winter, root vegetables and leafy greens will be better on your bank account and more nourishing.

2. Buy local

Supporting local businesses is great for your community’s economy while also usually being cheaper due to a lack of transportation costs. Fresh food will also be fresher as less time will have passed between going from source to supermarket.

3. Buy supermarket brands for your basics

Does that expensive, Italian branded pasta really taste any better than the supermarket option at half the cost? By buying generic brands for your basics, you’ll be able to splurge a bit more on treats or put more money aside to pay off those pesky bills which keep on mounting.

4. Stop wasting so much

Instead of shopping for what you fancy, look in your fridge and work out what meals you could make from what’s already in there. Chances are you already have plenty of food in and can discover some delicious new recipes by trying something a little bit different from your usual set of meals.

5. Shop the offers

Keep your eyes peeled as you shop to see what products or brands are on offer instead of automatically reaching for the version you always get. Who knows, it might even be better. Supermarkets are always cycling offers so chances are there will be a brand of cereal or laundry detergent on offer right next to your tried and tested.

6. Keep count while you shop

It’s easy to reach the till and be shocked by the amount of money you’ve mindlessly spent. Why not try walking the supermarket with your phone calculator to continually tot up how much is in your basket? This will give you a much more realistic expectation of what your grand total will be and might even make you rethink a few of your purchases.

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