How To Stay Warm Throughout Winter

How To Stay Warm Throughout Winter

Though we may not have hit the official start date of winter 2022, it clearly feels like we’re not that far away. With snow already falling in most parts of the UK and temperatures falling below zero degrees Celsius, it is becoming more and more apparent that relying on only a few heat sources might not be enough. For some houses, having the radiators turned to maximum heat only just provides enough warmth, however, with the distinctive increase in energy bills, perhaps it is time to refrain from overusing this option and time to look for alternatives to use along with your heating that also keeps costs down. Staying warm this winter is more important than ever before. With weakened immune systems and dropping temperatures, keeping track of your health should be a priority. Therefore, we have gathered a few ideas as to how you can stay warm this winter.

Don’t Let The Cold In

Luckily, there are many ways you can heat your home without costing yourself a fortune. It’s common that a large percentage of the cold air within your home is seeping through the gaps, whether these be in walls or around windows. However, most of the time we are unaware of this and assume that the cold air is entering through a more obvious entry point, for example, an open window or door. Skipping past these small gaps can actually have a huge impact on the temperature within your home. Therefore, perhaps it is time to begin searching for any cracks within your walls or any draughts around your house that you could fill in or insulate for now. Other ways you could decrease the draughts include the addition of a rug, blankets, or thicker curtains. This will help to increase temperatures at a low price.

One of the most common reasons for a cold home is a lack of insulation through the glass window panes, this is often more common in single-glazed windows. We understand that replacing your windows is an expensive task, but if the alternatives are not as successful as you had hoped, it may be the only option left. Borrowing a personal loan will help to aid in the cost of the project and spread the overall amount over multiple months, offering a more budget-friendly approach.

Check For Support

As we previously noted, many homes are finding it difficult to afford to stay warm this winter due to the increase in energy costs. The availability coming from external assistance is one thing that a lot of people are unaware of. You can find a tonne of information online about financial grants and schemes that can assist you if you look in the correct areas. Before diving in and applying for something that you do not completely understand, we advise you to be careful, especially around the increased number of online scammers. One website that may be of use is Citizens Advice.

Warm Your Body

Warming your whole house isn’t always the answer, especially if you’re trying to keep your outgoings and expenses as low as possible this winter. So, why don’t you try focusing on warming yourself? There are endless techniques you can use to warm your body instead of your surroundings, which will save you a large amount of money. One way includes moving around. While moving around offers an increase in warmth, it also enables you to stay fit and increase your daily exercise, bringing you a healthier lifestyle. Secondly, you could try purchasing small investments like hand warmers or hot water bottles, which offer long-lasting warmth. Finally, consuming hot food and drinks will quickly warm up your entire body without costing you anything extra.