Government Disability Support

Government Disability Support

Leading life these days is already difficult for the disabled and financial difficulties just cause added stress. Fortunately, there are numerous ways disabled people can get help to fund themselves financially and support their medical as well as other household expenses.

In addition to the countless independent organizations working for the welfare of disabled people, the government of the UK also supports disabled individuals through various financial support programs.

Here are a few programs that support the disabled:

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

The DLA is a tax-free monetary benefit that the government of the UK provides to disabled individuals to support their living expenses and fund the extra costs associated with their treatments, medicines etc.

Personal Independence Payment and Attendance Allowance

The personal independence program is a tax-free financial support plan of the British government that helps disabled people over the age of 16 who have not yet reached the standard pension age.

This program is replaced by the attendance allowance plan once the disabled person reaches the pension age. This monetary benefit helps disabled individuals who need someone to care for them.

Other than just financial support, the government also helps them with other associated costs that they can incur. For instance:

Vehicles and Transportation

Disabled people have easy access to parking with parking benefits such as the blue badge. This badge enables disabled people to park in an area for people with disabilities.

Other mobility benefits include exemption from vehicle tax, rail cards and bus passes offering special discounts, and networking support for leasing and renting specialized vehicles for disabled people.

With that said, if a disabled person wishes to buy their own mobility vehicle and lack the funds for it, they can always apply for personal loans.

By opting for a personal loan, they will get added monetary funding together with the government’s benefits, enabling them to buy their mobility vehicle conveniently. Having a personal mobility vehicle makes travelling easier and offers more independence.


Disabled individuals are also eligible for council sponsored housing once they have been assessed by the local council. They can either choose the direct payment option which will allow them to buy a house themselves instead of being granted one by the council or opt for the disabled facilities grant.

The grant allows them to renovate their current accommodations to better cater to their special needs, making their house more accessible for them.

Added Support

The government also helps disabled individuals by providing them with the basic daily necessities such as special equipment and adaptations, caretakers and support workers that can help them with everyday tasks, mental health support, communication support etc.

However, the benefits and support from the government cannot be enough at times, leaving disabled individuals in distress. But, a noteworthy point here is that disabled people are legally required to be treated equally by all banks and lenders, allowing them to apply for personal loans to meet their expenses.

Whether it’s their low income or an unforeseen expense, medical bills or delayed government grants and allowances, they are eligible to apply for personal loans and credit and get additional financial support.

These are all the ways disabled people can benefit from the governments support program aimed at helping them. And if these do not fulfil their expenses, they can always opt for personal loans so that they are able to live and take care of all of their expenses without any problems.