Fun Summer Activities For Free

Fun Summer Activities For Free

Keeping the family entertained during the summer season doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are plenty of free summer activities all over the UK which you and the whole family will enjoy. Not everybody is lucky enough to afford a holiday every abroad or even in different parts of the country during the summer, but that does not mean you cannot have fun. Below you will find multiple different summer activities to keep everybody entertained for FREE!

child enjoying summer activities

Camp In the Garden

Although camping may be seen as cheap, for a day trip, the reality may be quite expensive. You need to consider the fuel, the cost of the campsite, food, and all the other necessities. So, why not camp in the back yard? It is one of those summer activities which everybody loves. As long as you have a tent and a garden, you are basically set to go. You can easily use all of the essentials which you already have in the house including duvets, blankets, torches and food. This way, you are having just as much fun without splurging on a quick camping trip somewhere else in the UK.

A Picnic In The Park

If you have a local park within walking distance from your home, a picnic could become one of your favourite things to do this summer. Just gather some of the tastiest treats from your kitchen, place them in a bag and then you can be on your way. This also gives you the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and get the family outside for a while.

Visit A Local Farm

According to Virtual Farm Walk, there are around 280,000 farms in the UK, but not all of them account for visitors. So, before thinking you can easily drive over to your local farm, you need to check if they allow visitors, their timings and whether they are free or not. A lot of farms will have a small fee but if you do your research you can easily find the nearest one to you which is free of charge.

Swap Toys

Especially with the current situation in 2020, a lot of people have lost not only money but also their jobs. Therefore, buying new toys for your children may not feel like the best option for you at the moment. So, why not consider swapping toys? The likelihood of your friends, family or even neighbours wanting to help and swap some toys for a couple of days is likely. There is no harm in trying!

Go Fruit Picking

Depending on where you decide to pick your fruit from there might be a small fee. This tends to be based on the weight which of the fruit you’ve picked. But, you are only charged if you are picking from an organisation. Otherwise, if you choose to do this in an area which nobody owns, then you are able to pick as many as you like, whenever you like. We suggest you take a bucket or two and pick berries from the top of the bush, tree or another type of plant.

There are hundreds of more activities you are able to do for free throughout summer, all you need to do is get creative. Do not forget to write down some of your favourite ideas so you don’t forget them. If you feel like 2020 has already brought you enough stress and you just need something to cheer you up, like a holiday, why not consider a personal loan? Although it is not something you should depend on, if you know you will be able to repay the loan, then why not treat yourself? Find out more here.