Does Your Travel Insurance Cover Airline Strikes?

Does Your Travel Insurance Cover Airline Strikes?

When it comes to whether airline strikes are covered by travel insurance, it all depends on the insurer and the policy purchased. As expected, different travel companies have different policies. In general, some travel insurance plans may include coverage for travel-related interruptions, delays, or cancellations brought on by airline strikes. However, these can also occasionally be covered directly by the airline itself. In order to understand what is covered by your insurance, it is crucial that you educate yourself on what your policy includes. When it comes to finalising and choosing an organisation, we advise that individuals study numerous companies and identify how each differs from one another. This will highlight which policy will be best suited to you and your personal needs. As airline strikes are increasing, understanding whether you are covered is important. Although we cannot comment on the companies themselves, here are some things to consider.

Insurance and Airline Strikes

You should try to recover costs through travel insurance if issues with your cancelled or late flight have an influence on the rest of your holiday, such as preventing you from using your hotel room or causing you to miss a significant amount of time. This is when choosing the right insurer comes in handy, as the degree of coverage differs between insurers. You can compare travel insurance companies using websites such as ‘Go Compare‘. However, you should remember that if the strikes were declared before you purchased or booked the insurance policy, you will not be eligible to make a claim.

If you have borrowed a personal loan to afford your dream holiday, the last thing you want is for your insurance company to decline your request. Therefore, it is especially important to do as much research as possible when booking your insurance, and your holiday.

Airline Compensation

Unfortunately, airlines rarely offer direct compensation to customers in the event of strikes. This is because these types of strikes are frequently unforeseen events outside of the airline’s control. However, as airlines have a legal responsibility to take care of their passengers, some companies will offer the opportunity for passengers to rebook their flight, choose a different method of transport, receive compensation, or even receive a refund. As mentioned, this will also depend on the airline and its policies when it comes to strikes.

Making A Claim

When it comes to making a claim, insurers expect you to have already investigated all other options. Although this can be frustrating in the moment, you are advised to try everything you can beforehand. This could relate to contacting the hotel or rental property to request a refund or to reschedule your reservation.

However, if you have explored these options already, you can try filing a claim with your insurer. Typically, filling out a claim can be done via the website or by making direct contact with your insurance company. Usually, you will have to present copies of your holiday details and any communications. This way, your insurance company can be made fully aware of the situation and what has occurred.