Top 5 Best Man Speech Writing Tips 

Top 5 Best Man Speech Writing Tips 

The impact of Coronavirus on our lives has been massive. For anyone who planned on getting married in 2020, the current situation has thrown up a lot of questions and concerns about how their wedding day will be affected by Coronavirus. On top of couples worries. 

With daily COVID-19 updates from the government and the unpredictable nature of the situation, we understand that this is a stressful and challenging time for couples. 

Brides and grooms across the world have been affected, and no one’s wedding plans are immune. However, one group who may be breathing a collective sigh of relief is – The Best Men. There’s possibly nothing more terrifying than having to make a speech in public. Add to that the pressure of having to be both funny and sentimental all the while without upsetting anybody. There’s no wonder they feel almost as much pressure as the bride and groom. 

If you are one of the those whose big speech is postponed due to Coronavirus here are our top 5 best man speech writing tips; 

  1. Practice, we can’t stress this enough – practice, practice, practice. There’s nothing worse than being ill-prepared. Go through your speech as much as possible, edit as much as you can. Try not to keep it too long and remember everyone is on your side – so relax! 
  1. Don’t get drunk – yes, have a couple of drinks, Dutch courage is a thing, just don’t go mad, your speech could be amazing, but a slurry best man is not funny. Remember this is not a stage for you, it’s your friends big day so keep it light, funny & respectful 
  1. Pause for laughs – it’s not all about being funny, but a couple of jabs at the groom are a tradition. Try not to be too personal, aim for affectionate banter and remember to pause, let the other guests take in what you are saying and enjoy the laughter. 
  1. Allow for heckling – it may or not happen, but if it does be good-natured about it. Drinks will have been flowing and everyone will be enjoying themselves. Being the centre of attention for 15 minutes is bound to invite some heckling if it does just go with it! 
  1. Think about your body language – stand up straight, hunching and mumbling will make the whole experience feel more awkward. Take a deep breath, shoulders back and deliver your speech with confidence (and don’t forget to practice)