Tips To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Tips To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year only a week away, you may be considering your new year’s resolutions. Luckily, this year the majority of us have had time to spend on ourselves with the multiple lockdowns and quarantines. Therefore, you may find it easier to produce some resolutions as you know more about your downfalls and bad habits. Although, creating the ideas is not the issue for most people. The issue is actually sticking to whatever you decide to choose.

A lot of people find themselves trying to excel with the resolutions in January time but then begin to slowly give up. It may even reach February time and then people begin to, again, give up. But, should this really be happening?¬† The answer is no! Typically, we choose resolutions which will benefit us, things that we would like to achieve or do. Therefore, why would we want to give up? You should try your very best until you feel as though you have completed whatever you chose. But, it is easier said than done therefore, here are some tips on sticking to your new year’s resolutions.

Announce your plans

 It is very easy to keep all of your New Year resolutions in your head for just you to know. But, as you may know, yourself it is very easy to forget or change your mind on things which once were your goals. Therefore, to avoid this from happening, people find it better to announce their resolutions to other people. This way, you have people constantly reminding you, pushing you and motivating you so you stay focused.

Find the right balance

If you do not have a balance between changes in your life and past activities, then you will find it very difficult to stick to something new. For example, if your resolution is to exercise more, but you never exercise, this will be a big change. You will not be able to begin going to the gym and giving your complete effort every day as your body is not ready. Therefore, you need to find a balance between the two to ensure you do not get tired and worn out of the resolution, allowing you to stick to it. Hence why finding a balance is so important.

Another reason to find a balance is that some peoples resolutions may cost money. The last thing you want to do is try to better yourself but actually, take away something else. Giving your all to something like a resolution is great, but you need to ensure that you can afford it and you have chosen the cheapest option relating to that. For example, again linking to the gym, instead of buying an annual gym membership, maybe it is best to try paying as you go for the first few tries. This will save you a lot of money if anything goes wrong.

Speaking of going wrong, not everybody has the best money management skills and that is ok as there is plenty of time to improve. If you find yourself struggling at any time, we can help. Click here to find out more.

Don’t choose too many

Especially after this past year, you may have found plenty of things which you would like to improve and yes, the new year is the perfect time to make a change. But, if you are trying to stick to every resolution you create, we advise that you do not use too many different ones. This is because trying to focus on multiple different things at one time can be difficult, particularly if you are putting in all of your efforts. Therefore, choosing one or two of your favourite resolutions is probably a better idea. For more help on new year’s resolutions click here.