Finding A Job During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Finding A Job During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Many businesses have found themselves losing a large amount of money during these past six months due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impacts. Thousands of businesses have had to let go of staff or even close down themselves. This definitely makes finding a job more difficult at the moment. With the high amount of people searching for jobs and trying their hardest, the competition is at its peak and there will be more applications than usual. But, that does not eliminate your chances.

Jobs on magazine

Where can I find a job?

The majority of jobs in today’s society are advertised online unless the business is seeking somebody local.¬†The worlds largest online job listing site is ‘‘, this is where businesses all over the world promote their job listings so people can apply for the roles.

Practice for your interviews

With plenty more time on your hands, you should take the time and use it wisely. So, why not try practising for interviews. With the pandemic precautions, you may not be able to conduct a face to face interview so it is a great chance to get comfortable at home, so you know what to expect. This way you can make sure everything is set up and ready for when the time comes. There are thousands of videos available all over the internet with example interviews so you are able to get a feel of what it may entail.

Stay in touch

Demonstrating a great attitude and work ethic is something which employers take pride in. Therefore, following up and contacting the business after your interview is something which could place you a few steps forward and make you stand out. Due to the high demand for jobs at the moment, if an employer is stuck between a couple of people who may all have the same potential, doing the most you can is essential.

Boost your skills

This is a great time to do some online learning to boost your skills when finding a job. Some people may be spending time with quarantine watching TV or doing other things which will not help them in the future. But, if you spend your time widening your knowledge and learning new things then you have more to offer when it comes to the time of applying. You could even try boosting your skills in other sectors. This will help you just in case you cannot find a job in your desired one. But, it will make it a little easier as you have some basic knowledge.

Use your networks

Contacting people who could support you is something which could benefit you at this moment in time. Using your network is a great way to see if anybody can help you. For example, a family member, friend or past boss may know of a job you may be the perfect fit for. But, if you don’t ask you don’t get! So, use your network to your best ability whilst you still have time.

Save your money

Although this does not necessarily tie into job hunting, saving your money is essential as you don’t know what is around the corner. Whether you are short of money at the moment or not, due to the pandemic the economy is very unstable. Therefore, you could lose your job at any moment. So, we suggest that you save your money to the best of your ability to prevent you from having to borrow a personal loan or any other type.