Popular Budget Tracking Apps

Popular Budget Tracking Apps in 2019

If you wish to change your spending habits and save more, it is important to track your budget. Gone are the days when people had to rely on traditional methods such as a pen and notebook or envelopes to track their expenditure. In 2019, there are apps that can do financial calculations and track your spending.

1. Personal Capital

This is ideal for investors and people who are fluent with charts and graphs. It tracks and categorizes your expenses. This app will allocate you an investment manager at a fee but also has a free finance board. The app will detail your income and break down your expenses according to priorities.

2. Penny

This app is ideal for people who are not good at charts and graphs. Through its artificial intelligence, this app helps you with money management and expense tracking. As opposed to the personal capital app, Penny does not have a dashboard but has a talk feature, where you can talk to Penny about your finances.

3. QuickBooks

This app is ideal for start-up businesses and small entrepreneurs. As opposed to one-expense tracker apps, Quickbooks provides comprehensive results and provides overall financial reports. The app comes in different versions, and you can select your ideal version based on your business needs.

4. Clarity Money

This financial app uses either mobile or online interfaces. It is user-friendly and comes in a wide range of options. This app provides clear navigation and in-app analysis of your spending versus your income.

5. Mint

This is the most popular expenditure tracking app. It is not only free, but it also collaborates with various financial and lending institutions through financial software such as Intuit. It is user-friendly and can be used to track your income and help you manage to borrow and manage your loans. However, this app can infect your phone or device with bugs, and this can slow down your phone.

While these apps are convenient, they require a level of discipline and consistency. Remember to input every income and expenditure you make, little as it may seem. Otherwise, it becomes strenuous trying to remember expenses you failed to track days ago.


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