Budget for Your Perfect Holiday

How to budget for your perfect 2019 summer holiday

Budgeting for any holiday can seem like a pretty daunting task. If you’re travelling with a family, accommodation, meals out and activities can add up to several hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. However, it’s possible to have a great time, no matter what your budget so long as you plan in advance and start a saving scheme with plenty of time to spare. In this article, we’ll share a few ideas with you to help you save for and budget your perfect 2019 summer vacation.

Save a little at a time

Work out a savings goal and work out how much that means you have to save every day. The amount you spend on holiday may seem large but if you split it into daily amounts and resist that coffee you buy every morning and have it at home instead, you’ll be well on your way to a holiday fund. Spring cleaning season is a great time to make a little extra cash by getting rid of the clutter that’s lying around your home and put it towards the vacation of a lifetime.

Set a daily budget

Working in days also comes in handy once you arrive at your destination. Have a rough idea of what you can afford to spend every day. You don’t have to stick to it exactly, but it will help you to balance an expensive day with a cheaper one. A day out at a theme park can be followed by a free day at the beach. If you have a fancy meal out one night, bring sandwiches with you the next day. Having an amount to aim for will make it far easier and will avoid nasty surprises when the credit card bill arrives at the end of your trip.

Decide what’s important and do your research

If there are a few indulgences on your trip, that’s absolutely fine but be sure to look for offers and compare prices before you leave. Theme park tickets, for example, are often far cheaper when you buy them in advance, and you can often get discounts on restaurants if you eat at quieter times. A little research can more than pay for itself in savings when you’re away.

Top budget destinations for your 2019 summer holiday

If you’re saving your pennies this year but still want a stunning vacation to remember for years to come, never fear! You don’t have to stay close to home to visit an incredible destination this summer if you follow our list of budget-friendly vacation spots that are perfect for summer 2019.

Budapest, Hungary

This stunning medieval town, split into two by the River Danube, is not only one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe, but also one of the cheapest! Crammed full of culture, delicious cuisine and an energetic nightlife, Budapest is a vibrant must-visit city. Accommodation – particularly through sites like Airbnb – is surprisingly cheap, particularly for longer stays, and food and drink rarely cost more than two dollars per item. Tuck into some famous chimney cake or take a dip in the famous thermal baths for an unforgettable experience.

Cabo, Mexico

Despite this ocean-side location being a favourite for the rich and famous, Cabo is surprisingly inexpensive, thanks to Mexico’s excellent exchange rates and masses of family-friendly resorts. The best time to visit is during the summer- if you’re a fan of the warm weather- that often keeps the tourists away. Local activities are budget-friendly too- take a tour around the famous oceans that border the country in a glass bottom boat or snorkel in the Sea of Cortez.

Cairo, Egypt

Visit a city steeped in history for a surprisingly little amount in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Though the Land of the Pharaoh’s is not quite the tourist trap it once was, so it remains one of the cheapest international locations with prices on local food and accommodation remaining surprisingly low. Top attractions including a trip down the famous River Nile cost just a handful of dollars and local food remains cheap and delicious for all tastes and palates. If you look for the right deals, flights from the UK are also inexpensive.

We hope that the above information was interesting and that you found it useful, remember though, budgeting is a long term effort and emergencies do happen that can put a dent in your savings or even put you in debt for a short period. Consider a personal loan only if you are certain you can afford to repay the monthly payments.

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