Unsecured Cash Loans

Unsecured cash loans allow you to borrow money without offering up security based on a major asset, such as your home. An unsecured loan is the same as a personal loan for whatever purpose. This means the loan isn’t secured against anything you own. The alternative is a secured loan, where the money you borrow is secured, usually against your property.

What is an Unsecured Cash Loan?

An unsecured loan is a personal loan with no guarantor. Typically, unsecured loans are for people who have a fair to good credit score. The interest rate you are offered will reflect your credit profile. Similarly to personal loans, a cash loan can be described as an unsecured loan which enables you to get a loan with no collateral.

What can I use Unsecured Cash Loans for?

One of our favourite things about unsecured cash loans is that they have wide uses. When taking out a personal loan, you are free to do whatever you please with it. Whether that be one of the following examples or anything else:

  • Consolidating Debts
  • Avoid borrowing from family or friends
  • Help to manage bills
  • Assist you financially
  • As a cheaper alternative to major banks

What happens if I cannot repay back my Personal Loan?

If you do find yourself struggling to meet your repayments or able to pay on time, here are your options:

1. Short term fix: if you’re struggling to make your payments on time or are unable to pay, get in touch with your lender straight away, let them know your situation, and see if they can do anything to support you – like giving you extra time to pay.

2. Long term fix: if you think your circumstances are going to last longer than anticipated, still contact your lender to see if they can help, as well as asking for independent support from organisations like the Money Advice Service.

Late or missed payments on a personal loan can harm your credit score.

How do Unsecured Cash Loans work?

Applying for cash loans online with us is easy. Our online application process takes a maximum of minutes and provides a straightforward solution for your financial problems. After you have completed and submitted your application form, we then use our innovative technology to match you with a reputable lender that is best suited for your needs. Therefore, it takes all the time and stress of your hands.

So, once you have received your loan, you will repay your loan in smaller instalments every month until it is paid off.  It really is that simple!

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