24 Month Loans

At Simple Personal Loans, you can borrow 24-month loans for £1000 and up. We also offer other repayment options ranging from 24 to 72 months, so you’ll be able to find a repayment plan that’s affordable for you.

Whether you’re looking to consolidate all of your existing loans into one place, or cover an unexpected repair bill, a 2-year loan can be used for a variety of purposes. To apply for a 24-month loan, you’ll need to borrow a minimum of £1000.

24 Month Loans Online

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and that can make managing your finances tricky. Home repairs can be costly if you need to replace something like a boiler, or a car failing its MOT could cause you to go over your monthly budget. However, Simple Personal Loans may be able to help. With our easy online application, you can apply for wherever, whenever.

24 Month Loan Bad Credit

Due to working alongside a panel of lenders, we believe that even if you have a bad credit score, we can help. We offer 24-month loans for bad credit, so your credit rating may not be an issue, even if you’ve previously been declined a loan elsewhere. Due to our large panel, we have a range of lenders who specialise in lending to those with bad credit scores.

24 Month Loans No Guarantor

Our 2-year loans are unsecured, so there’s no requirement for you to be a homeowner to apply for any of our loans over 2 years. You can borrow £1000 and higher. However, choose your amount wisely, would you be able to pay back £7,000 in 24 months? Along with this, our lenders also provide loans for no guarantors. This means nobody needs to co-sign to guarantee the repayments. We understand the difficulty that it may bring, especially for those who don’t have anybody willing to guarantee their loans.

How much do 24-month loans cost?

Will a 24-month loan, be suitable for your budget? Here is a table of the typical costs for the most popular loan amounts borrowed over 24 months.

 Repay in 24 Monthly Instalments*
Amount Borrowed 24 PaymentsTotal Repayable


*Examples are for illustrative purposes only. Calculations are based on annual interest rates between 5.9%. If you apply with Simple Personal Loans and are accepted, the actual cost may vary depending on the lender you’re matched with and the rate you are offered.

24 Month Loans Direct Lender

We work alongside a panel of direct lenders. Meaning, when we pass on your loan, you will always be connected to a direct lender. So, in other words, you do not borrow from us, we are the middle person who can help find you a lender and save your time.

24 Month Loans UK

Whilst we are happy to lend to people who have low credit scores in the UK, or typically find it hard to secure a loan elsewhere, there are a few requirements we need you to meet. We thoroughly assess each and every application and make sure both you and your guarantor are financially suitable for any loan we provide.

To increase your chances of securing a loan, you must; be over 18 years olf at the time fo the loan payout. You also must be a UK resident with an active bank account. As well as this, you must have a stable source of income from a job or benefits.

Why Choose Simple Personal Loans?

There are many reasons to use Simple Personal Loans for 2-year loans:

  • Fixed monthly repayments with zero fees
  • You’ll know if you’ll be accepted within minutes and exactly how much you’ll pay
  • There are no hidden or additional fees, with clear monthly repayment terms

Other repayment alternatives

If you would prefer larger repayment options, here are a few that we can offer:

    • 36-month loans
    • 48-month loans
    • 60-month loans
    • 72-month loans

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