NatWest Loan Alternative

Personal loans are simply a way to describe long-term, unsecured loans. If you’re in the midst of looking for the best personal loan provider for you, then NatWest may have come to mind. Whether you already have a NatWest current account or aren’t related to NatWest in any way. Don’t rule out other options because of familiarity.

Here at Simple Personal Loans, we offer personal loans in amounts from £1,000 to £35,000 to suit every need. Whether you need to get something fixed or fund an expensive decision, there’s a personal loan to help.

NatWest loan eligibility vs Simple Personal Loans?

The criteria to qualify for any loan is usually very similar, whether you turn to Simple Personal Loans or NatWest Bank. In both cases, you must be 18 years old and be a UK resident.  Simple Personal Loans requires you to have a stable source of income. Whereas, NatWest require you to have either a NatWest account (held for 3+ months), credit card or a mortgage (held for 6+ months).

Loan Comparison

Have a quick glance at this table that compares the key elements of loans from both Simple Personal Loans and NatWest to help you make your decision.

natwest loan alternative

The benefits of a loan from Simple Personal Loans

Here we have rounded up the key features we offer as a broker to customers.

  • Easy to qualify. Lenders are usually more interested in whether you have a stable source of income or if you’re able to repay on time.
  • Use them as you want. Whether you’re financing a wedding or paying off a car payment, you’re free to use your personal loan as you please.
  • Quick decision. We usually can find you a lender within a few minutes.
  • No hidden fees. We do not charge you for setting yo your loan or if you want to settle early.

Ready to apply for a loan?

If having compared Simple Personal Loans and NatWest and your other borrowing options, you feel that Simple Personal Loans is the best choice for you. Then you can start your application today. Apply now to try our loan calculator and get started.