Medical Loans

Medical loans are personal loans that are used to pay for medical expenses. Personal loans are loans which support those who cannot pay a large amount in one go. They are used to pay for numerous things, one of which being medical surgery. A number of lenders and brokers, offer personal loans that can be used for medical treatment. Therefore, if you are having difficulty affording treatment, you know what you can fall back on.

How do Medical Loans work?

Medical loans can be unsecured personal loans. This means that they don’t require any collateral. With unsecured loans, lenders judge your ability to repay the loan, from aspects including your credit score and your income. This is why you should always keep on top of your credit score and keep it as high as possible. As humans, we never know when we are going to find ourselves in an unfortunate position, so it is always best to look after your credit, and more importantly, your savings.

The time it takes for you to get your hands on a loan, or even get approved for a loan will depend on a variety of factors including your credit history and your income. The last thing we want to do is place you in an even worse position. So, if we don’t think a loan is the best idea for you, it is unlikely you will be accepted.

Am I eligible for a Short Term Loan?

Similarly to any other type of loan, the eligibility criteria will differ from lender to lender. This might only be slightly, but you may find that you’re eligible for one lender and not another. So, as a broker, we have put together a criterion which tries to fit the majority of our panel. It is as followed:

  •  18 or over
  • Have a stable source of income or be in employment
  • Live in the UK or be a UK resident
  • Have an active bank account
  • Have a valid debit card for this account
  • Hold a valid email address and phone number

How to apply for Medical Loans

Once your application has been accepted, you could get the money into your account any time from an hour after to the next working day. You will then have to repay your fixed amount in smaller monthly instalments until you have repaid everything you owe.

Applying for a medical loan is easy, especially when you know what to do. With Simple Personal Loans, we want to give you the best, most simple application and experience. Therefore, we have made it easy right from the start. Our application can be found through our home page by clicking the Apply Now button.

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