Loans for Self Employed

If you’re self-employed, you’re no stranger to carefully managed cash flow. Some months are feast months, with the work coming in thick and fast. Other months are famine months, where contracts seem hard to come by.

Working for yourself means that you are always dependent on your own ability to earn. If you don’t work, the bills simply don’t get paid.

We all need a little extra money from time to time, for a specific purchase or simply to cover a short-term cash flow shortfall.

Many people mistakenly believe that being self-employed will make finding a loan impossible. Fortunately, with Simple Personal Loans that really isn’t the case.

Personal Loans for the Self-Employed

When you apply for a loan through Simple Personal Loans, your working situation won’t restrict you. You’ll be matched up to lenders that can accommodate your circumstances, even if you have bad credit.

You can access loans from £1,000 to £35,000, which means that you could use your loan to cover a month’s salary if you’re temporarily unable to work, or could invest a larger sum in some important business equipment that will take you from strength to strength.

Great Personal Loan Types

If you’re self-employed, you might benefit from a guarantor loan. Someone in secure, full-time employment can back your loan, reducing the risk for the lender, and may decrease the interest that you pay and improve your chance of acceptance.

Alternatively, you can choose a fast loan with money that could be paid into your account in as little as an hour. This could be the ideal option if you need money in your bank today.

Lenders will run their own affordability checks to find the best personal loans to suit your circumstances, even if your income fluctuates from one month to another.

Easy Personal Loan Application

It’s easy to apply through Simple Personal Loans. Simply choose the amount that you’d like to borrow, and decide how many months you’d like to borrow for.

One loan application will be sent to a wide variety of lenders, so that you don’t need to apply to each one individually. This method also reduces the number of marks on your credit file, as your details are submitted only once.

Once you’ve received your results you can find the loan that suits you best, comparing APR and loan terms whilst choosing a lender that you trust.

Why choose Simple Personal Loans if you’re self-employed?

Simple Personal Loans could be everything you need in the search for a suitable loan.

Your loan application is made online, with no phone calls to take time away from your business. It’s a quick and easy process.

Your details are kept securely for as long as they’re needed and not a moment longer, and acceptance rates are high even with the complicated circumstances that you face as a self-employed person.

The application process won’t take long, and money could be in your bank account the very same day. Best of all, you’re in control deciding how much to borrow and how long you’ll take to repay, which means that you can tailor your loan to suit your current (and fluctuating) income level.