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Yes, Simple Personal Loans and it's parent and direct lender company are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority a.k.a. FCA.

  • Our Full Permission FCA number is 736632.

This means that everything we do is monitored and regulated to ensure we serve you in a responsible and ethical manner when it comes to lending or brokering to find you a great loan deal.

Be Safe


If you are considering taking a personal loan out, make sure that they are regulated and have permission to offer you the facility you are looking for. You can check their credentials here at the FCA register

Please be aware that some companies still operate outside of these regulations and abide by their own rules, which mean their APR rates and repayment terms go far in excess of what is acceptable by our government and the governing body that guides us.

Unregulated firms will use a variety of tactics to recover their money including scaring and threatening behavior, so please, when you are looking for a loan for whatever your needs may be, be safe and choose an FCA regulated lender or broker to help you find your next personal loan.

It is illegal for any firm to offer you a loan without being registered and regulated by the FCA, if you come across any such company you can report them here