Looking for a Direct Loan Lender?

Simple Personal Loans are a Broker not a direct lender but because we work with a large panel of lenders and other financial services providers, we feel that we can offer you a better lending experience.

Although you will see many Personal Loan companies offering you personal, unsecured, guarantor and car loans directly with them, and they’ll tell you how easy and convenient it is to deal with that company directly, but imagine filling in the application again and again if the first couple of direct lenders refuse to offer you a loan!!

With Simple Personal Loans we’ll take all the time out of completing numerous applications for you by asking you to complete one simple form, then we’ll ask our panel of lenders to find you a great deal, so in actual fact it is easier and more convenient to use our service to find your next loan, whatever your requirements or circumstances are because our panel caters for all types of status whether you have good or bad credit.

When you complete the simple application form, we will send it across to our panel of lenders who will try and find you a great deal on a loan.

Whether you have a good credit rating or a bad one, we are sure we can find you a loan to suit your requirements

Click apply now, complete the simple form and let us find a loan that is right for you

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